Community Playthings products deserve regular maintenance, as detailed in each product guide. Replacement parts are available, contact your account manager for details.

Maintenance - brush Unfinished wood: Unit blocks are natural, unvarnished wood. If they become soiled, you can wash them. But remember, wood and water are natural enemies. Don't soak; work quickly. Use a stiff brush with washing-up liquid and water. Let the blocks dry thoroughly before next playtime. 
Maintenance - sanding Finished wood: the clear finish used on Community Playthings products is guaranteed safe for children. To refinish, lightly sand the entire surface. Any remaining finish need not be removed. Then, following the manufacturer's instructions, apply one or two coats of child-safe varnish, using a brand you trust.
restaining outlast products Outlast products: Acetylated wood is resistant to wood-decaying fungi and moulds. Weathering and mildew growth has no negative effect on the structural integrity but the wood may eventually fade and turn grey from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. To remove mildew, scrub the surface with a stiff brush using water and a mild detergent (Milton’s Sterilizing Fluid works well). Rinse product thoroughly and allow to dry. Contact customer service for more tips on how to prevent mildew and to request a bottle of Outlast stain for refinishing.
Maintenance - carpet Carpet cleaning: Our carpets are made of stain-resistant nylon fibre. Vacuum carpets frequently. To wash, lift any corner of the carpet to take it off, shampoo it with carpet cleaner, then replace the carpet when it is dry (on some products, partial disassembly is required for proper re-installation). For stubborn stains, refer to your product guide.