Community Playthings products are worth caring for. We recommend a regular programme of maintenance. Refer to the specific product guide for maintenance suggestions. Replacement parts are available through customer service, often at no cost.

Maintenance - brushUnfinished wood: Unit blocks are natural, unvarnished wood. If they become soiled, you can wash them. But remember, wood and water are natural enemies. Don't soak; work quickly. Use a stiff brush with washing-up liquid and water. Let the blocks dry thoroughly before next playtime.

Maintenance - sandingFinished wood: the clear finish used on Community Playthings products is guaranteed safe for children. To refinish, lightly sand the entire surface. Any remaining finish need not be removed. Then, following the manufacturer's instructions, apply one or two coats of childsafe varnish, using a brand you trust.

Maintenance - linseedPreserved wood: Hard outdoor use may roughen your Hollow blocks. To renew them, sand with fine sandpaper. Follow manufacturer's instructions; apply a coating of good quality boiled linseed oil. Let it penetrate the wood for an hour, then wipe off any excess oil with a clean soft rag. Repeat in 24 hours.

Maintenance - carpetCarpet cleaning: Our carpets are made of stain-resistant nylon fibre. Vacuum carpets frequently. To wash, lift any corner of the carpet to take it off, shampoo it with carpet cleaner, then replace the carpet when it is dry (on some products, partial disassembly is required for proper re-installation). For stubborn stains, refer to your product guide.

Disinfecting: A solution of household cleaning agent is commonly recommended for use as a disinfectant. We have tested this and found that it will not harm Community Playthings products. All products should be rinsed with plain water and dried after any cleaning agent is used.