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Children learn best through hands-on manipulation of materials and from having meaningful experiences. Here are ideas to help you guide your children into creative play with Outlast blocks.
Artist and educator Pete Moorhouse offers a practical guide to introducing woodwork in your setting
The child does the learning. The teacher facilitates that learning. The environment must support them both. How can Reception and Key Stage 1 classrooms inspire education?
Guidance for settings with two-year-olds on developing quality environments indoors and out.
A baby’s whole being is reaching out to connect, to learn. Who of us could learn a complicated language from scratch, after first figuring out that sounds coming from people are different from other sounds?
Free EYFS guide details how children’s play naturally fulfils the revised EYFS and cross-references that play to the statutory guidance.
Whether you are planning a purpose-built childcare setting or rearranging an existing nursery, this booklet will help you make the best use of your spaces.
The current emphasis on test scores and league tables induces many schools to rely on formal teaching methods. But is this how children really learn?
When free to experiment with the simplest materials, children find ways to express and develop their thoughts in imaginative play.
It’s high time for a hopeful book about childhood. We live in difficult times and many people have lost their joy in life. But whenever we feel discouraged, all we need to do is look at children.

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