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Teacher standing desk

Item number: H870
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This compact and convenient workspace comes with lockable storage and adjustable shelves. With everything convenient and tidy, you can get paperwork done quickly and spend more time with the children. There's plenty of room for storage and record keeping, while the writing surface is water-resistant and easy to clean. Cable ports are well-located for charging devices.


Designed to be completely cleanable. We know about children and messes!


Difficult for children to access without the help of an adult.


Doors can be locked to comply with licensing requirements.

Solid wood

We use birch and beech, not only for their beauty and strength, but because these trees grow abundantly in our neighbouring European woodlands.

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  • Includes 2 half totes, 4 quarter totes, 2 adjustable shelves, 2 keys
  • Hard-wearing, easy-to-clean writing surface
  • Drawer automatically latches when closed. Push hidden lever inside handle to open.
  • Doors can be locked with key provided (or similar flat object)
  • Holds up to 14 x 8-cm ring binders
  • Two cable ports for tidy cable management
  • Height adjustable shelves inside
  • Smooth, rounded corners and edges
  • Solid birch construction
  • Wood is coated with a clear, child-safe wood finish
Dimensions of H870 Teacher standing desk