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Finance Leasing

Many of our customers prefer to lease our products rather than pay for them outright. Subject to status, the value of your order can easily be converted to an affordable monthly rental, usually over three to five years.

Why should I lease?

There are many benefits to this approach:

  • No deposit is necessary
  • The cost of your finance lease is fixed at the time of purchase
  • Qualified businesses are eligible for a 100% tax allowance
  • There is no VAT up front
  • Cash flow is improved
  • For Maintained settings, leasing converts a capital expenditure into an operating expenditure, so your order is unhindered by internal capex or budgetary restrictions.

Your Account Manager can connect you to our preferred leasing partners to provide you with information and leasing quotations.

Enter the approximate value of your order into the leasing calculator below to estimate payment:


Monthly rental figures are indicative and subject to status and VAT.


How does leasing Community Playthings equipment work?

It is a very simple process. Our leasing partner will make all the arrangements directly with you, and after the lease facility has been approved and you have agreed to the necessary paperwork, your new equipment will be delivered within two weeks (or later, if that suits you!)

How long does it take for a lease to be approved?

This varies as each case is treated on its own merits, but normally no longer than a couple of days.

Will I own my goods at the end of the lease?

Yes. It is possible for private companies to own the goods upon the expiry of a lease and our leasing partner will advise you on this.

For MATS, ownership will be determined by the type of lease that you choose. We recommend that you discuss this directly with our leasing partners.

Maintained Schools can only enter finance leases if they do not own the goods once the lease has ended. Upon completion of the lease, the school simply pays a very small amount for the ongoing, continued use of the equipment for as long as it is required. Our leasing partners offer a fully-compliant lease product that means that Local Authority schools are now able to acquire use of essential equipment without the initial large capital outlay.

Can I save tax on a lease agreement?

Yes. Private, profitable commercial enterprises can claim 100% tax relief on a finance lease. We advise you to discuss this with our leasing partners, who will provide you with information to share with your accountants.

I am a new private business; will I still qualify for leasing?

Yes, subject to status. Our leasing partners can confirm.

What period can I lease the goods for?

Normal lease periods are three to five years.

How can I proceed with a Finance Lease?

Contact your Account Manager to put you in touch with our preferred leasing partner. Email sales@communityplaythings.co.uk or call 0800 387 457.

Who are your leasing partners?

Early Years Finance, part of System Rentals Ltd, is our preferred leasing partner, and we have worked with them since 2015. They have been providing lease solutions for businesses since 1987, and offer good, reliable “old-fashioned” service. Your account manager will help you determine the right leasing partner.