Unpacking and placement service

Thank you for using the Community Playthings Unpacking and Placement Service, provided by our Logistics partner Carousel.


Unpacking and placement

Items will be delivered to the correct rooms, unpacked, set in place according to the room layouts designed by Community Playthings, and packaging materials removed from the premises with the following conditions:

  • Blocks will be left in their cartons, excepting Hollow and Outlast blocks which can be unpacked on your request.
  • Plastic trays will be left in their cartons, except upon your request at time of delivery.
  • Nothing will be attached to any walls
  • Protective covering on clear and mirror surfaces will be left on for you to remove.
  • Any item needing assembly will be done by the unpack team. However, they are not responsible for height adjustment of items.


Contact person

Please nominate an individual from your setting to be the main contact person for the unpack and placement. The contact person must be available for a pre-delivery conference call, present at the time of the unpack and placement and must be authorized to sign off the paperwork, once the service is complete. If this contact person changes, please communicate this to Community Playthings as soon as possible.

Checking off items

Please nominate another member of staff to check  items against the Delivery Note as they are taken off the lorry. Be aware that this is a full-time job while the vehicle is being unloaded.

Signing off

Signing off is an important step and should not be done too hastily. Since the unpack team will remove all the packaging, returning equipment becomes difficult unless they are notified in time to retrieve the appropriate packaging. Please take time to inspect and verify that all items are accounted for, in good condition and placed according to the plans.

If any item is damaged or missing, or you are dissatisfied with the service for any reason, note it on the post-unpack paperwork and tell the unpack team. Community Playthings will take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

Items returned for credit

If you wish to return any items, immediately notify the unpack team so packaging of items in question is not removed. Ring your Community Playthings representative to make arrangements. Normal restocking charges and procedures will apply.


We look forward to working with you to create a beautiful environment for children.