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What's new this January

"So it does!" said Pooh. "It goes in!"

"So it does!" said Piglet. "And it comes out!"

"Doesn't it?" said Eeyore. "It goes in and out like anything."

"I'm very glad," said Pooh happily, "that I thought of giving you a Useful Pot to put things in."

      A. A. Milne


Community Playthings design team always has its eye out for the unspoken needs of our customers. Some of their best designs have come out of field-observations where a practitioner did not know exactly what they wanted, but knew they needed something to fill a particular need. This time, we wanted something for storage, something robust, something beautiful, and something children could use “all by myself!”

View our new Carry crate in 4 different sizes. We think you will love them as much as we do.

Child at play in Arcadia Nursery at Edinburgh University

Look inside Edinburgh University Nursery

"Parents and visitors all comment on how calm the nursery is."
- Rhona Connell, Head of Arcadia Nursery

 They talk about the "wow factor" and here it is. Imagine an architect who listens carefully to the needs of children and staff, and then designs a nursery around the furniture. Take a look at this gorgeous new nursery where the environment is true harmony of natural light and colour.

Visit the case study here.

P.S. Arcadia Nursery of Edinburgh University is featured in our 2016 catalogue. If you haven't received your free copy, just fill out our request form and we'll post one to you.

nursery gym

Celebrating success

Babies practice so many skills on the Nursery Gym. They are pleased with each achievement, and especially pleased when they can share it with a responsive adult.

Kai, just a year old, pulled himself laboriously up the steps, babbling all the way. At the top he gave a loud shout, and smiled rapturously at his caregiver. Moments of frustration that give way to victory are always worth celebrating.

Watch the Nursery Gym in action at Pen Green.

Little Owls

Boosting communication and language skills

How often do you tune in to the happy babble of children absorbed in play? It is delightful to listen to them verbalise and share their ideas. At the same time they learn new words, ideas and skills from each other.

Little Owls, a nursery in Cambridgeshire, has been piloting the Early Years Pupil Premium since January. Manager Deborah Parfitt explains how the physical environment impacts communication skills: "If we raise the language skills of our Early Years Pupil Premium children, then other things tick better for them. When we set up the areas within the room, we looked at them from a language point of view. We created quiet spaces and places where children can talk."

See the Little Owls case study here.

Helping SEN children relax and learn

Helping children with SEN relax and learn

Stand in the doorway of your classroom or nursery. If you were a young child on the autistic spectrum, what does the room communicate? Does it frighten you with its disconcerting noise and distraction? Or does it draw you in?

Most groups of children include at least one coping with extra challenges, and staff must occasionally stand back and view the room through their eyes. One way to help children with ADHD, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome or autism feel safe is to create a tranquil corner within your room. The boundaries of this peaceful space should be adjustable to serve changing situations. Movable shelves and panels are better than fixed partitions.

Children can only focus and learn when they feel secure. Helping them relax is essential for academic attainment as well as for emotional wellbeing.

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