The flexibility of Roomscapes in the baby room

Planning spaces for babies

Babies and toddlers need a warm, homelike environment to feel secure and happy. But they are growing fast, and this environment cannot remain static. It needs to change with them as they go through each stage of development. Babies are determined athletes, always searching out new challenges: it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them. With Roomscapes you can blend spaciousness and intimacy. You can set learning goals and adapt your spaces to meet them.


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Children are growing so fast at this age that you need an environment that grows with them. The Community Playthings furniture is completely adaptable. At the beginning of the year, you can set it up for babies and by the end of the year it’s transformed into a toddlers world. We use the same furniture to adapt to the children’s changing needs as they grow.

Tables increase in height while home corner units stack for taller children. Room division is flexible too, so the play area can be expanded as the children become more active and need more space. How do we do it? It’s completely tool free. You don’t need to get your site manager involved. Any teacher can do it. The posts slide out, wheels flip out, letting you move fully loaded shelves, saving your back. Cleaning the nursery is easier too.

You can change the angles of the room division to repurpose your space as you go. The flexibility of this furniture allows the teacher to respond to new challenges as they come along.

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