The flexibility of Roomscapes in your 3-5s room

Designing an indoor space for young children

Children’s ideas are often more creative than adults expect and can be a bit chaotic. The layout of your furniture helps channel this energy into learning and play. With adaptable furnishings, you can observe behavioural trends and evolve your spaces to meet changing needs. Roomscapes is a gentle third teacher, directing traffic and keeping your room calm and productive.

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Community Playthings furniture is unbelievably flexible. This morning it was set up for free-flow play with large groups of children. This afternoon it’s been rearranged for small group sessions with a key person – using the same furniture.

You can make little calm corners out of the room division – areas that offer more security to the children that need it. These angled posts allow you to change the pathways and boundaries to redirect the flow of children between activity areas. This has a tangible effect on the feel of the room - it becomes quieter, calmer, and more focused. That’s because Roomscapes is a system designed for change. The posts slide out. The wheels flip out, letting you move fully loaded shelves – saving your back. It’s completely tool-free. You don’t need to get your janitor involved - any teacher can do it.

You have complete control over the size and shape of your activity areas, so you can take a step back to assess your space and then develop it continuously. In some settings the children even participate in designing their own spaces. As a teacher it’s great to be able to respond to children’s needs or ideas in real time with practical solutions. This dynamic environment is such a powerful tool for any educator.

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