Conversation inspired by a tired rose

Tired rose bush

Children’s mixed-up logic is so refreshing. Join me in eavesdropping through the nursery window.

Zack and John (age three) are playing at the water table and notice a rosebush with one yellow bud in the flower bed. They decide it must be thirsty on this hot afternoon.

John, to himself: “I will run with my water. I can get there just in time!”

Both pour pitchers of water over the rose bud.

Chan (age two) joins them with his cup. "Here!" says John, pointing to the bud. "Put water on this one. It's opening. It's our best rose!”

As Chan  pours, one petal flops loose from the force of the water. Simultaneously John shouts: "Look – it's growing!" and Zack: “Hey guys – it’s opening!”

Zack: "Don't look at it! It won’t grow if you look at it! Anyway Chan, this is me and John’s rose. You are not allowed to water it!"

John: “Yes he can. He's our helper.”

Chan: “No, I'm not. I’m your friend!

Marcia, on the side, observes to herself:  “All roses have thorns – except some don't”.

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