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Swallow nest

Item number: F526
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Flowie colour
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Children love to snuggle into a secure spot, and the Swallow nest is just that. It fits into a corner of your room, and will become a very popular place. Children are more confident communicators in smaller spaces. Big enough for two.

Connects to Roomscapes

A combination of shelving, panels, and gates that connect to enable you to literally “landscape” your classroom – no tools needed.

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Product information

Recommended ages

0–4 years

Product dimensions






  • This set consists of C709 Flowie (sand), F831 Arch, F813 Bamboo curve (2), F819 Bamboo wave (2), F812 High branches (2), F753 Post (4), F754 Post
  • Wood is coated with a clear, child-safe finish
  • For important layout and safety information, read Roomscapes guidelines
Swallow nest dimensions