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Preschool unit block set

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Providing enough blocks, space, and time is critical to the quality of children’s block play. The Preschool set contains a selection of all the shapes and will keep 2–3 builders happily occupied in a block area. The blocks are precisely crafted for years of creative building.

Precision Cut

Cut accurately to the hundredth of an inch.

Solid birch

We use birch, not only for its beauty and strength, but because these trees grow abundantly in our neighbouring European woodlands.

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Product information

Recommended ages

3–8+ years

Product dimensions






  • 149 blocks in 20 shapes, click here for details
  • Cut to within 0.25 mm to ensure the stability of your children’s structures
  • Blocks are velvet-smooth and all edges are evenly curved
  • Shares modular dimensions with Mini hollow blocks, Hollow blocks and Mini unit blocks
  • A variety of shelving and storage options are available
ITERS and ECERS books

ITERS - 15: 5.2; 19: 7.1

ECERS - 4: 7.2; 22: 7.1, 7.2, 5.2



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