Den building made easy

When you’re helping children make a den in the woods and need a quick roof, it’s no problem – just find a leafy branch or drape fabric over a bare one. The same effect can be created indoors with draped fabric, but finding a way to attach it is often difficult.

We have been advocating using fabric to create an atmosphere or theme in a room because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to change. But some of our customers have told us of the practical difficulties of hanging fabric over areas within their rooms. In some cases because of the material the wall is made from; in others because the nursery has rules against fastening things to walls. Now our designers have sorted the problem and called their solution ‘Branches’ to describe its function. If you have Roomscapes shelves or panels in your room, you already have part of the solution. Simply click Branches into Roomscapes posts, then either thread your fabric though the holes or drape it over the little disc of Velcro on the top. 

When it’s time to change the space from a squirrels’ den in the Autumn woods to Jack Frost’s Winter castle, just switch the leaf-print fabric to ice-blue voile, and you’re done!


PS: You can find our Branches here. For real branches we suggest you head out to the woods!

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