Unveiling the Activity tray-table

To get the most out of your Activity tray table, you'll want to see these features in action. This short video shows practical ways you can enhance learning for your children while saving you time.

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This is the activity tray table, a great multi-use curriculum resource. It can be easily stored, which means that you can just move it out and set it up when you need it. It works for a wide age range of children. Whether you want to use it in the baby room or extend the likes up to primary school age, it comes with medium or long legs.

It’s a completely tool-free assembly and only takes three turns. It’s lightweight and easy to move around. It’s a great tool for inclusion because it’s so accessible for all children. I’m adjusting the legs here for standing height.

The fact it converts from a desk to a tray is great for children with autism because it means they can have a desk within the classroom that can also be converted to sensory play, too. The plastic tray is child-safe and free from harmful chemicals. And you can also use it because it’s translucent to place visual aids under it. And if you’ve used it for messy play, you can just remove the tray to clean it. If you don’t have time to clear everything up the lid just clips on, and have everything’s under it.

Both the tray and the tabletop have a cleanable hard-wearing surface. If you already have MultiTables in your setting, it is modular to the MultiTable family so it fits right in. And the table’s aesthetic is designed to blend well with your space. There’s no apron on the table. So a child on a wheelchair can fit comfortably underneath it.

The table is also designed to encourage collaboration amongst children of all ages, as children can reach the centre of the pan from all sides. It’s got a durable wooden frame, and the whole unit comes with a 15-year warranty.

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