Fostering inclusion with the Activity tray-table

Explore how the Activity tray-table is transforming classrooms into spaces where every child can excel both academically and socially. This powerful SEND tool empowers every student to push their learning further. It reduces transitions and allows children with different abilities to engage fully with the curriculum.

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The activity tray table looks like any other table in a class, but it offers so much more.

What looks like a standard classroom desk is actually a multi-sensory curriculum resource that supports SEND across all four areas of need – communication and interaction; cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health; and sensory and/or physical needs.

Whether your pupils prefer to sit or stand, this desk adapts to their unique needs. It serves as an interactive workspace, seamlessly melding sensory activities and academic tasks.

The desktop clips on securely, keeping loose parts contained. Moreover, the inset tray is removable –multiplying play options and simplifying clean-up.

The versatility of this desk means it can support your students with SEND across year groups and through a wide range of subjects. They can develop skills in reading, writing, communication, mathematics, and logical inquiry.

Elevate your classroom to a multi-functional, inclusive environment with this all-in-one learning desk, and give every child the best opportunity at education.

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