Children fascinated with the teeny-tiny

fairy house

We've all seen those lists of schemas transporting, enclosing, trajectory, rotational, etc. But there's one behaviour pattern that doesn't seem to get mentioned: a fascination with all things miniature! I've known a number of children with this schema. One two-year-old in particular comes to mind. I loved walking with him, especially if we were not in a rush. We could easily spend an hour going 250 metres. He'd stoop to watch every ant and appreciate each pebble. By the time we got home, his pockets would be bulging with acorns. He treasured a tiny felt mouse, and he'd roar with grief every time the mouse went missing!

Another child had this fascination in a different form. Her world was peopled with fairies. She loved nothing more than small-world play among twisted tree roots that became secret rooms for the wee folk. She wrote tiny notes on their behalf which she'd hide inside flowers for her little sister to discover.

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