I'm a bat


At the craft table at Auchlone Nature Kindergarten, children are using cardboard and coloured paper to make butterflies. Fynn's creation looks different, rather black and almost menacing. When I come over to see it, he clarifies that this is no butterfly –  this is a bat!

It turns out Fynn is passionate about bats. And it doesn't stop at the craft table. When we go into the woods, Fynn heads to his favourite climbing tree. But instead of climbing to its highest branches as usual, he is soon hanging upside down from a lower branch, eyes closed, in a perfect imitation of a sleeping bat.

Observing children teaches me so much about their personalities and fascinations – and their fabulous imagination. I am learning to see the world through their eyes. As Jean Jacques Rousseau said: "Childhood has its own way of seeing, thinking and feeling and nothing is more foolish than to try to substitute ours for theirs.”

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