A new way to play "I spy"

Boy playing with blocks

Children often want to know what I’m doing when I walk into a setting with a camera. Explaining that I work in the factory that made their furniture gets blank looks. However recently at a nursery I showed the children a Community Playthings logo branded into a wooden shelf and asked if they could find any more. This set off a hunt all over the room! Each time the children found another brand, they eagerly pointed it out to me.

Why do we brand our items? Well, for one thing it shows they are made of real wood – you can’t brand chipboard. However, there is another reason. Our Me-do-it chair was the first chair on the market that actually worked for one-year-olds. They could carry it around themselves and get into it without help. The basic design of this chair and other items like Hollow blocks has been copied. But that doesn’t worry us since the fine points of the design are usually missed.

Design and craftsmanship really do matter. And so does an understanding of what children need.

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