Quality products

Children need furniture and play equipment that is simple, robust, natural and beautiful. Community Playthings sets the standard in understanding what works for children – giving them a quality environment in which to learn and grow.  


Built to last

Our products are tough, sturdy and made for children to use every day. To ensure that all our items exceed their 15-year warranty we use only the very highest quality materials, assuring the longevity of your learning environment, adding value for money and reducing long term operating costs.  

We use real, solid wood – no imitation wood such as MDF. Outdoors we use Accoya®, a pickled, rot-proof wood that is, among other things, used as canal-siding and decking. Our fabrics are also among the best available, designed to withstand daily use in early years settings. Sileather™, used on all our soft seating, can be cleaned with any type of disinfectant, and not even a ballpoint pen will permanently stain. 

To guarantee that our products achieve the durability you require, we subject them to vigorous accelerated use and abuse testing as part of our design process, giving you the peace of mind that your purchases will stand up to your children’s rigorous play.  

A child riding a Community Playthings Push me-pull me. 


Designed for your children

We have been selling to schools and nurseries for over 65 years, and that experience has shown us that a child-centred approach is key to designing equipment that is high quality and child-appropriate.  

Behind our simple designs are hidden hundreds of hours of research, development, and testing. In the design process our designers spend as much time as possible in schools and nurseries observing how children play, and how they interact with the proposed new items. It’s important that they don’t impose their own ideas, but allow these observations to guide their plans. Every new design is thoroughly play-tested by children before it goes on the market. There’s no doubt that the products that reach your setting will be perfect for your children, and they’ll love to use them again and again.  

Two girls playing in an Outlast Tunnel. 


Outstanding British craftsmanship

Solid wood construction and robust joinery result in products that last decades. At Community Playthings we combine modern, cutting-edge processes with traditional craftsmanship. Each piece is assembled and inspected by hand and the final item is inspected twice to ensure the product you unbox is the best you can buy.  

Because we make everything here in the UK we have complete oversight of manufacturing and quality control. All our products have an individual ID code and are fully traceable, allowing us to identify your specific item should you contact us with any questions. We even know the name of the person who made it! 

Two men drilling parts for Community Playthings furniture.