Children appreciate beauty

Children appreciate beauty

Though they rarely articulate it, children appreciate beauty. You can almost hear that peaceful sigh when they enter a lovely place. So take a look round your nursery, get down on the children’s level and consider: does this place help me feel calm? Can I relax here and focus on my play?

And what about parents? Step back and try to see your setting through their eyes. Does décor convey that their families and community are appreciated here? Many elements combine to communicate this message: natural light and cosy lamps, woven wall hangings, crafted wood furniture, fabrics that soften hard corners, fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, cultural artefacts, wicker baskets, living plants, wind-chimes… I’m sure you’ll think of many more!

At your next staff meeting, you might discuss how to strengthen your nursery’s aesthetic ambience. Children and parents will benefit – and so will you who spend many hours in this place. The first step may be deciding what needs to be go. Decluttering is essential to the process!

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