Ron’s legacy

Remembering Ron Finlay, 1927-2021

Jessica Hug | October 2021

You probably met Ron Finlay. In recent years you would have come across him in our workshop, helping to assemble smaller parts of some of our items. But not so long before that you would have encountered him at an Early Years exhibit, handing out prizes at a conference, visiting your school to demonstrate new products, or fixing up old ones. Ron was our company representative for decades and his sales techniques were unusual to say the least. They involved riding on children’s tricycles at trade shows, helping caterers serve wine at black tie events and treating everyone he met to a boiled sweet. But the result was that everyone knew him (and loved him) and through him learned about our company.

Ron Finlay with customer in workshop

Ron was born in Manchester in 1927. His mum worked in a pub and his father was absent most of his childhood. Washing mountains of dishes was Ron's earliest work. His formal education may have been limited, but his education in people and life was vast. Ron was genuine and he could relate to anyone and find common ground on any subject.  He cared deeply about children and the importance of a carefree and joyous childhood. Ron was passionate about kids having the best start in life and how Community Playthings could support this.

You remember him because he made you feel special. No matter our roles, can we carry this forward?

Ron Finlay talking to boy

Thank you to our readers and customers for your support and friendship over the years, and thank you for all you do for children.

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