Fun for the whole family

Family playing block game

My family plays a game with mini unit blocks that always brings suspense and laughter. You start by laying one of the longer blocks on the table. Then you take turns placing a block of any shape, and see how high you can build. The rules are that you can’t move someone else’s block and only the first block can touch the table. The goal is to not be the one to knock the whole thing over – because then you have to pay a forfeit. Believe me, you learn a lot about balance and centre of gravity from this game. Sometimes the three-year-old does as well as the 17-year-old!

That’s what I like about blocks: they are great for every age. You’ll see a one-year-old make enclosures for farm animals and a 12-year-old create intricate designs. So I was pleased to meet an early years advisor the other day who’s planning to buy a set of mini unit blocks for her grandchildren. It will be the perfect Christmas gift for the three of them to share.

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