Have you given your child a cwtch today?

Have you given your child a cwtch today

Recently in Wales I learned a new word: cwtch. It’s pronounced kutch with the ‘u’ as in ‘push’. I was discussing environments for two-year-olds with early years advisors, and they explained that a cwtch is particularly important for these vulnerable children. Apparently cwtch cannot be translated perfectly into English, but essentially it means either a hug or a cosy space. It would be a good addition to our early years vocabulary!

These advisors were concerned about the lack of hidey-holes in many settings. Young children need chill-out moments during a busy day. They need somewhere their size where they feel safe and secure. They need a cwtch! This is something we had thought about too (even though we didn’t know the word), when we designed a number of cosy nooks that invite children to snuggle in and watch the world go by.

Any child, or even a hedgehog, would find this one ideal for a cwtch.

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