A close call

Fire station visit

As a child I wanted to be a fireman, driving fire engines with flashing lights and sirens, climbing ladders and rescuing people. What could be more thrilling? When we planned a booklet on children's imagination a few months ago, I knew what one of the stories had to be about.

Our photographer and I went to the local fire station with Mia and her father, Fred, a member of our fire team. One of the crew cheerfully drove the fire engine out and parked it where we could get a good shot. He left us to our photography but added, “You understand that if we get a call, we’ll need to go!” We assured him that we understood and got on with it. Mia was thrilled to do this with Dad but also a little nervous in this new and rather masculine environment. We finished and started packing up. The fireman returned to drive the engine back in... but just then three crew members rushed out yelling “CALL!” and they all jumped in. Off they went, lights flashing and siren sounding! That made Mia’s day. The next day she played it out on the PlayFrame.

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