Are you tired of the snow?

Tired snowman

Did you notice that while adults were dismayed by this week’s snow, kids were thrilled? Grownups see problems, but children see opportunity! Here in Sussex, the children were everywhere: sledging, sculpting snowmen (and snow-women and snow dragons), having snowball fights or finding solitude under a snow-covered tree. I can’t resist sharing this snowman my neighbours made, as everyone passing on the footpath bursts out laughing!

How is it that children are so quick to reach for the positive, the funny, the awe-inspiring? Something within our own hearts responds to that child-spirit, yearns to share their spontaneous imagination and creativity, their whacky humour, their confidence, innocence and exuberance! There is so much in modern society that undermines these traits; but we can protect true childhood. First, we can be a friend to every child in our lives, sharing their wonder and nonsense (like the dad who helped his kids make this snowman).

We feel speaking out for childhood is important. That’s why we’d love to see you at this event, which we’ve helped sponsor:

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