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Outdoor learning

As we approach a new school year, it’s time to consider how children learn best. If interest is kindled, children take initiative and make the knowledge their own. Here is how one teacher achieved this:

My Year Five class has been learning the history and geography of the Weald. They got excited about the Long Man of Wilmington: Why can’t we do something like that? Maybe we can! What shape could we make? How? We got permission from the farmer to use a field we see from the classroom window and got to work. Of all their ideas (after much discussion) we chose a symmetrical pattern. The project turned into art and maths too as we had to lay out a grid first on the chalkboard and then on the field to map our design. We all learned a great deal and had terrific fun creating the Long Butterfly of Sussex!

This story is from Lighting the fire,our free training resource (booklet and slideshow) on hands-on investigation and outdoor learning in primary education. You can download it or request a free copy from our website. In case you are wondering, the title is from Yeats: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

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