Den building under the kitchen table

Robin's nest cosy space

When I was little my brothers and I used to transform our kitchen table into a den. My sister and I also used to turn our bunk-bed into a ship. A generation later, I watched my children finding or creating their own cosy spaces. Visiting nurseries in recent years, I often notice a lack of intimate corners into which children can withdraw from all the busy activity. Many rooms are full of cushions and equipment but there is nowhere for a child to have a little personal space. Some settings have found a way to provide such nooks, even if it is not much more than some material draped in a corner. But it is difficult for many because they are not allowed to attach anything to their walls. That's why we designed these new Cosy spaces. Some, like the Swallow's nest, have been figured out for you – but you can also take the panels, posts and arches and design your own cosy spaces for the children in your care. Have fun!

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