Nature's Playground

Activities, crafts and games to encourage children to get outdoors

This book, with its practical text and gorgeous colour photos, will inspire parents and teachers to engage children with the great outdoors in all seasons and weather. There are ideas for people who live by the sea, in the Peak District, or near an abandoned urban lot. Practical suggestions range from creating twig structures and dens to pond dipping for water life, scavenger hunts and cooking over a fire. Photos show children with arms flung wide in big open spaces – or involved in imaginative small world play with moss and twigs, fir cones and pebbles, to create homes for elves and fairies. Nature games and art ideas permeate the book, which takes the year season by season. ‘Messing about with boats,’ ‘Mini-beasts,’ ‘Camouflage Games,’ ‘Mud art,’ and ‘Fun after dark,’ are just a few of the many topics.

Interacting with nature, hiking, climbing, building confidence in the face of risk, children learn to enjoy life and appreciate beauty in ways they never could if kept indoors. This book offers a timely antidote to today’s alarming screen culture that is robbing too many children of what is rightfully theirs.

Helping children love this planet will have benefits beyond their own physical and emotional well-being. It will give them something to share with future generations. Authors Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield quote a Native American proverb: ‘Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.’

Nature’s Playground

Activities, Crafts and Games to Encourage Children to Get Outdoors

Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield
© Frances Lincoln Ltd 2005
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hardcover 192 pages