Face painting

War tribes of old painted themselves to frighten their enemies. Today, the ancient art is fun! Liven up a class play, birthday party or circus with Face Painting. Let the children pick their design, and away you go! Face painting can be a great chance for ‘one-on-one’ with a child. While you paint, tell him what you are doing: “Now you’re really looking like a dog!” or, “Close your eyes, I’m painting around them now” so that the child is involved. Have a small mirror handy so she can watch. It is very important to be sensitive to a child’s reactions to face-painting. While most children love it, some will not appreciate it at all. Never force your ideas on them.

Children up to the age of 7 or 8 find it difficult to sit still for long periods, and are usually happy with very simple designs. They will enjoy matching what they are wearing, or matching faces with a friend:  make two pink bunnies, or two butterflies in different colours. Older children can help with the base on a design such as the panda or clown: have them sponge on the white first while you paint someone else. (Background base coats can be omitted for younger children). Children will enjoy helping choose the colour for the design they have chosen.

Here is how to paint some simple faces:


 butterfly  butterfly  butterfly
Paint in the basic outline for the Butterfly  Fill in with bright colour (or blend, dot, or stripe colours as desired)  Add body and antennae and your butterfly is ready to fly!


 clown  clown  clown

Using a slightly damp sponge and white paint, whiten the entire face. Paint nose and large mouth, extending well past the mouth onto the cheeks (can be ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ clown, depending on the curve of the mouth). Using a thin-tip brush, you can outline the mouth with a dark or light colour for further emphasis.

 Paint two eyes, extending from above the eyebrow to the cheek below the eye. As with the mouth, you can outline the eye for further emphasis.

 Add eyelashes etc for special effect, and your clown is ready for the circus!


 rabbit  rabbit  rabbit
 Paint in white around mouth, eyes and a strip down the chin.  Fill in with grey or brown centre forehead, nose and cheeks.  Blacken nose tip, and outline eyes, mouth and teeth with black. Add whiskers before she
hops away!


Here are some more ideas for face painting...

 beaver  bee  butterfly cheek
 clock  clown  clown
 dog  dog  dog
 fish  ice cream  panda
 pig  bunny  pirate
 princess  rainbow  tiger