Standards of experience
Children and conflict in the classroom
Developmental issues that affect behaviour
Core standards in kindergarten


Kindergarten is a time for the full flowering of the imaginations of children, the time for “mature role play” as an engine of mental and social-emotional development.
Helping children build vocabulary and develop language skills to get what they need and want is a key teaching task in the early childhood classroom. So many important developmental tasks are tied to children’s ability to access and use language in the right ways at the right time.
The Project Approach offers teachers a way to develop in-depth thinking while engaging the hearts and minds of young children.
In order to fully embrace what we see as an important component of outdoor exploration, namely co-exploration, you need to leave the formal instructive style of teaching at the door.
"It amazes me how quickly and how often we forget that we are embodied, that we see the world the way we do because we live in these bodies." - Sir Ken Robinson (2012) Physical development in young children is about the emergence of a robust sense of self along with awareness of self,...
Friedrich Froebel was counter-cultural in his day, vehemently protesting an educational system in which children were forced into a mould instead of being valued and nurtured as individuals. Our results-driven system is not fundamentally different.
What are the standards of experience that we want all of our children to have?
Children’s surroundings provide a world for exploration, discovery, and enjoyment. Playing is what young children spend most of their time doing.

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