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For many years Community Playthings' catalogues were instantly recognisable by the whimsical drawings of children that graced the front covers. This short slide show contains a tiny portion of Tabea Johnson's vast collection of artwork. It serves to remind us of the free and wonder-filled...
Kids love the chance to explore and experiment with paint and found objects.
Here's a fun, simple craft to try with young (and older!) children. Make a beautiful surprise Easter egg to brighten your home, or stick it on a card and send to a friend or relative.
There are many ways to make pompoms but this is by far the simplest and fastest method I have come across. All you need is a fork, some yarn, and a pair of scissors.
With just three folds and a cut, even a young child can create a beautiful star out of a circle of paper.
What considerations should we make in setting up the art/creative area? The art area should be near a sink and have a washable floor. Display art supplies so children can see all their choices and access materials themselves. This requires specialised shelving so items are orderly yet visible.
An eye-catching way to learn about colours
Mix a few drops of washing-up liquid, paint and a bit of water in a basin.
These stunning butterflies are easy to make. Decorate your home or let your children proudly make gifts out of them!
A lot of mess, but a lot of fun! Finger painting encourages big free movements.

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