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Theatre set

Item number: C945
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Flowie colour
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Combine our Compact drama centre and a set of ToddleBoxes and you have an amazing Theatre set. Drama will happen naturally – you can expect a lot of performances on that stage.

Solid wood

We use birch and beech, not only for their beauty and strength, but because these trees grow abundantly in our neighbouring European woodlands.

Hidden Wheels

Flip up the hidden wheels to roll, flip down for a perfectly stationary unit.

Sensory Surfaces

Panel surfaces offer stimulating visual and tactile experiences.

Toddler-proof Connectors

Toddler-proof connectors ensure security and stability. Teachers, however, can easily reconfigure.

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Product information

Recommended ages

2–4 years

Product dimensions






  • Includes Compact dress-up unit, 2 compact arches and Flowie, and ToddleBoxes: Large curve, Small curve, Rectangle, Ramp, 4 Connectors
  • Arches fold against unit or remove for storage
  • Flowie dimensions 218 x 310 cm
  • Smooth, rounded corners and edges
  • Wood is coated with a clear, child-safe finish
  • Flip up the hidden wheels to roll, flip down for a perfectly stationary unit
Theatre set dimensions