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Rest mat

Item number: M62
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These rest mats are comfortable, waterproof, and stain resistant. The two-coloured design and four-section fold helps you keep the clean side clean, even in storage. The fitted sheet has elastic all around to keep it in place, also when the mat is folded.


Designed to be completely cleanable. We know about children and messes!


Easily stackable for compact storage.

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Product information

Recommended ages

1–5 years

Product dimensions






  • Made of polyether foam covered with cleanable, breathable, waterproof polyurethane-coated fabric
  • Folds to 30 x 55 x 11 cm for storage
  • Heat-sealed folds are waterproof
  • Conforms to EN 16890:2017

Storage options:

Capacity Adjustable shelf
4 mats F621 63 x 61 cm
6 mats F622 63 x 81 cm
8 mats F623 63 x 102 cm
8 mats F641 124 x 61 cm
10 mats M670 Rest mat stacker w/ 10 Rest mats
12 mats F642 124 x 81 cm

Storage with mats on separate shelves:

Capacity Adjustable shelf + 1 Extra shelf
3 mats F621 63 x 61 cm F602
4 mats F622 63 x 81 cm F602
5 mats F623 63 x 102 cm F602
6 mats F641 124 x 61 cm F604
8 mats F642 124 x 81 cm F604
ITERS and ECERS books
ECERS 2: 7.1 ITERS 2: 7.1
M62 Rest mat dimensions