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Me-Do-It chair

Item number: J505
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Seat height
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Here is a chair that toddlers can adopt as their own. It’s just the right shape to get in and out easily; the child can carry and push it all by themselves. Accommodates the knee-first-then-turn ritual typical of beginning sitters. Choose from two sizes.


Easy-to-move furniture. Your back will thank you.


Easily stackable for compact storage.

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Product information

Recommended ages

6–18 months

Product dimensions






  • Made from solid wood and birch plywood 
  • Coated with a clear, child-safe wood finish  
  • Stack up to 5 chairs high, both 13 cm and 17 cm chair stack together  
  • Wide build makes it sturdy and tip-resistant
ITERS and ECERS books

ITERS - 2. Furniture for routine care and play 7.2, 5.3

J505 Me-Do-It chair 13 cm dimensions