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Wall-mounted Shelf

Item number: G28

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15-year warranty • Free shipping • Delivers fully assembled

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Well-organised, safe and sanitary storage in your baby room. Moveable dividers allow you to organise each child’s personal items. Label each child’s supplies to avoid confusion.

Solid wood

We use birch and beech, not only for their beauty and strength, but because these trees grow abundantly in our neighbouring European woodlands.

Mortise & Tenon Joints

As one of the strongest joints in woodworking, mortise and tenon joints stand the test of time.

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Product information

Recommended ages

Product dimensions






  • Includes 8 self-adhesive label holders and labels
  • Must be securely fastened to the wall, customer provides appropriate fastenings
  • Depth of shelf: 24 cm
  • Movable dividers allow you to organise each child’s personal items
  • Built-in roll dispenser holds paper towels or plastic bags within arm’s reach
  • Rail keeps smaller fingers off bottom shelf
G28 Wall-mounted Shelf dimensions



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