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How do you measure chuffedness?

At an early years conference I attended recently, someone said “chuffedness” is a good measure of well-being. In that case this little chap is doing great, don’t you think? When this photo was taken, he’d been practicing his walking skills like this for weeks. At this point he had just mastered the art, and you can see how he feels about it!

Incidentally, it took three months to design this pushcart. You may be surprised that it took so long, as it looks simple. We spent a lot of time observing children and considering all the ways a child would want to use such a cart. Toys that are scaled-down versions of equipment that adults use often have limited potential. An example of this is a child-scale pram which, although it might be great for giving a teddy or doll a ride, might not encourage a young builder to fill it up with bricks. Or as in the case of our friend, another playmate!


P.S. Watch a video clip of our chuffed little friend with the cart

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