Early years

printing with paint and natural or other objects

Printing with found objects

Children love to explore and experiment with paint. Add some interesting objects from around the house or garden and the fun and potential are doubled! This is serious process art: the end product may be beautiful, but its all about the experience of new textures, messy hands, and discovery! Find out how to get started.

Happy Easter from the team at Community Playthings!
Easter egg card craft

Make a surprise Easter egg!

With Easter just over a week away, here's a fun craft to try with your children.

Best wishes from Community Playthings.
wrapping yarn around the fork

Kids at home?

In this time of unprecedented protocols and social distancing, many parents are looking for ways to occupy their children at home all day. Rather than turning to screens for an easy babysitter, there are many creative and educational activities that can keep children productively happy without fancy art supplies.

For example, with only some yarn and a fork you can make a host of pompom chicks to celebrate spring!

Stay well! All the best from Community Playthings

children playing with a treasure basket

Helping children manage their feelings

Early childhood is a busy time. Children are constantly testing limits and exploring boundaries, and learning an incredible amount along the way!

How can we support children in managing their feelings? Read this from Anni McTavish.

young child enjoying pretend play with mud

Encouraging mud play

Children plunge into messy play with great enthusiasm and no hesitation about getting dirty.The adults in their lives, however, may need a little more encouragement to understand the value of playing in and with mud.

Launching a mud area in your play space requires careful planning and communication with staff and families.This article offers advice on how to get over those hurdles.Then, let the fun begin! Read this.

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