Outdoor learning with Outlast

Outlast play at Salehurst

"Here's your ice-cream."
"Thank you!"
"You're welcome."

Salehurst Church of England Primary School's Ofsted inspection set them on a quest to improve their outdoor area. They soon discovered how open ended play with Outlast blocks supports all areas of the early years curriculum, especially communication and language development.

Sian Rice, the reception teacher explains: "Some of the children were reluctant to communicate with the others at first, but as soon as they saw the blocks and the things the other children were doing, they said, 'That looks cool, I really want to do that!'"

Miss Rice observes and documents the children’s learning as they interact in their play. She uses the children’s creativity with the Outlast blocks to incorporate subtle opportunities for literacy and maths.

View the case study here.

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