Reflecting through play

process thru play

I'm sure everyone has their own way of processing meaningful events. Mine is to talk things over with a friend or to write a letter. Even if it's just a good conversation or significant encounter with a stranger, I need time to take it in and reflect on it.

Children's primary way of dealing with meaningful events is through play. Piaget said, "We can be sure that all happenings, pleasant or unpleasant, in the child's life will have repercussions on her dolls." That's true for the child who relates to dolls. For another child, the repercussions may show in block play, mark-making or large-motor action. I know a child whose response to happy experiences was the need to run fast!

So we must give children time to process life experience through play. That's how they cope with life and express their feelings. It's also how they internalise what they are learning.

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