Where’s that pea?

Where's that pea?

It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly there was a knock. As the king opened the door, the wind wrenched it from his hand. There stood a young girl, drenched with rain. “Please let me in!” she cried, “I’m a real princess!”

If you were that princess and were subsequently shown a stack of mattresses, what would you do? As a well-read princess, you would of course check for peas before climbing up to sleep! Actually, our new Rest Mat Stacker was not designed for princesses to sleep on, but it does store ten rest mats quite nicely. Also, because castles (and nurseries) are always short on message boards, we made the back from magnetic whiteboard. Record children’s sleep times with whiteboard markers or stick notes up with the magnets provided.

For all your little princesses and princes we present [trumpet fanfare]: the new Rest mat stacker.

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