Do daddies make mistakes?

Dad with son in tree house

I had fun this year with photography for our 2014 catalogue. Obviously most of the photos are product-related, but the pictures at the start of each section show children playing outdoors.

I took this picture after coming across a father and his two sons in a tree house. The older was navigating the oak like a squirrel. The younger child was not so sure. Climbing up was OK, but getting down was another matter. His dad showed him where to place his foot and urged him to try. The four-year-old looked down at the ground and formed his thoughts into a question: “Do daddies ever make mistakes?” Father explained that yes, daddies sometimes make mistakes – but this is not one of those times! In a few minutes little brother was dashing home to tell mum his adventure.

If you haven’t received our new catalogue yet, you can view it online here.

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