No room for cotton wool

Bright Beginnings

Sometimes it comes down to stubbornness – the right kind – when someone is sticking up for children. The Bright Beginnings Nursery at the University of Leeds was fought for every inch of the way. It was worth it. After years in cramped “temporary” accommodation, Bright Beginnings is now an airy nursery with spacious rooms, a large upstairs balcony area and terrific outdoor provision.

I spent four delightful hours there with my camera. While many nurseries have babies upstairs with the idea that “they don’t need the outdoors as much as the older ones”, the babies in this nursery are on ground level as staff believe that outdoor experience is equally essential for the youngest. Their garden includes a wide variety of gradients and climbing possibilities and staff encourage the children to take measured risks.

Enjoy this case study and make sure you watch our short video interview with the manager, Angela Foley. What she says at the end is important.

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