Will any rest mat do?

Rest mats

I was wrong. I predicted that no one would miss our Rest mats. That was about three years ago when we decided to drop them from our product line. We thought that our customers would be satisfied sourcing them from other companies. Then customers started phoning in saying they couldn’t find decent rest mats. Other mats split in less than a year, they claimed, while ours had lasted for years without a problem.

So we set up a sleep product design team. Through numerous field visits the team learned that our previous model was too large. Many practitioners preferred earth tones to the old green and blue mats. They did like the two different colours which helps them remember which side goes on the floor. They also liked the way our mat folded into four, so that the clean surfaces for lying on fold onto each other.

Our new Rest mat is now in production. We’ve improved it while keeping the features you liked: It’s a little shorter, the two sides are different earth tones and the mat still folds into four sections. It is ready for you to order!

But I made another mistake. Because the world is full of cots, I predicted that no one would miss our cot either. Same story… we have had continuous complaints since we dropped cots from our catalogue. We listened. The Evacuation cot and Community cot are back in production.

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