EYFS and Cosy spaces

Cosy space communication

Our design team had just developed a product to enhance Communication and Personal, Social, Emotional Development before the revised EYFS raised these areas of learning to prime area status. Early Education’s new document, Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage, suggests “Create areas in which children can sit and chat with friends, such as a snug den and cosy spaces”. That’s exactly what we were after!

Obviously, children need to feel at home before they have confidence to develop relationships and communicate. We had pondered this for some time and dreamed of designing intimate cosy spaces where children would feel secure, relaxed and in control. The only question was “How?” After wrestling with this for several months we came up with a new line of little arches and lovely bamboo panels that can be combined in various ways to create child-size hidey-holes. These arches, curves and wave panels are compatible with Roomscapes so you can design your own nooks by building onto furniture you already have. You can also choose from an array of ready-made Cosy spaces.

Wouldn’t you have loved that kind of space as a child?

P.S. It’s not just children that love them – nurseries tell us parents respond positively to their children having a “place of their own”.

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