Creating child-friendly places at Norland Nursery

Norland Nursery

When Clare Crowther had the opportunity to set up Norland Nursery, she knew from the outset which equipment supplier she wanted to use – Community Playthings. In her words, “Community Playthings puts the child at the heart of design”. So she came to Robertsbridge where she and I had a lot of fun planning the furniture layouts together. 

Norland Nursery has 0 to 5-year-olds in key groups crossing all ages since Clare wanted her provision to be like family. It was an inspiring setting to plan and I was thrilled when I had the chance to go to Bath and see it for myself. My colleagues and I got there early and it was heart-warming to see parents and children arrive to a happy welcome. Now it’s your turn to enjoy Norland Nursery through this case study – although photos cannot do full justice to this inviting child-friendly place.

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