The advantages of an open-plan nursery

Towerfield Tots

If you’d been with me when I walked into the Bright Horizon’s Towerfield Tots nursery a few weeks ago, you would have heard a sigh. Now there are two kinds of sighs, and this was the kind when something is just right! Nicola Amies had assured me I would not be disappointed. She was correct.

The open-plan nursery allows the staff to move dividers when they have more children of a certain age. The partitions are low enough that younger children can watch older children playing. They find this eases transitions when children move up to a new area.

In this case study we’ve included a video interview with the deputy manager, Susan O’Neill, on the challenges and rewards of working with such a space.

Sarah Hatchell, the centre manager, has put years into getting this nursery to where it is now. Slowly replacing the cheap primary-coloured furniture with solid wood shelving and dividers, she has changed the nursery’s function and feel at the same time.

Enjoy the Towerfield Tots case study!

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