Tulips in August?

Boy with watering can

Why should I write about tulips in August? Because I’ve just remembered something that made my day back in April. I think you’ll enjoy it too.

I was observing at a local nursery. It was a gorgeous spring day and the children had spent the entire morning in the garden, including a picnic lunch. It’s a fab garden with a little slope the children can roll down (or slide down in winter), lots of grass to run across, a huge sand pit, and trees to climb. There’s even a rhododendron thicket the children call “the jungle”. So I’d been watching them busily occupied all morning. Their routine included little chores for each child. For instance, before the picnic one child carefully poured water into each cup – quite a tricky task for a three-year-old!

After the picnic all the children helped again, mainly clearing the table and taking everything back indoors. One child was asked to water the tulips that were blooming in a brilliant display along one side of the garden. The little boy set off confidently with his watering can. The teacher was busy wiping the picnic table so did not see what happened next: With great concentration and obvious love for each flower, the child carefully directed the flow of water to one plant after the other – right into each tulip cup! Well, it makes perfect sense!

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