Helping children manage their feelings
What do we really want for our children
A teachers commission
Great expectations
The dual challenge
Raising my kids without TV

Parents and teachers

The kinds of traditional play that children have done naturally for generations is still at the foundation of the work that we do, and need to do, with children. We have the wisdom of the sages through the ages, but we also have the wisdom of the children right here, right now.
Actually we all know very many more songs than we think we do, but we just don’t sing them as often as we could! But why is it important that we increase our own and our children’s repertoire of songs?
It is important to make every moment matter in the early childhood classroom. Take a moment to look for how to transform everyday moments into extraordinary moments for young children…and watch the magic begin.
How can you keep from singing when the tune is engaging and fun? The stress of transition time can be eased when the instructions are sung to a familiar tune.
The world is full of expectation and possibility for young children from the moment they are born.
Children's play tells family members and early childhood teachers so much about development.
A teacher's job is practice the draining act of forgiveness a hundred times a day.
Anni McTavish explains how a compassionate sense of fun can help children deal with their feelings.
I’m not saying there is no place for technology. But it should be a tool, not a lifestyle, and children do not need it at all.
The pressure to excel is transforming childhood as never before. But what is it doing to our children?

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