Stacking stool

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Our most versatile seating option, Stacking stools offer endless possibilities to your room. With six sizes available, there's a perfect landing place for new sitters, as well as for older children ready to move out of the confines of traditional chairs. And who says they're just for sitting on - ideal as tiny role play tables too! Stacking stools are lightweight, and easy for children to lift, carry and stack, but also sturdy and comfortable for staff.

Non-Slip Feet

Don’t worry about your floor, soft tips on table and chair legs help keep the noise down.


Easily stackable for compact storage.


Easy-to-move furniture. Your back will thank you.

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Product information

Recommended ages

2 – 3 years

Product dimensions






  • Rubber bumps on underside protect the tops from scuffs and scratches when stacked.
  • When stacked, stools must not exceed the height of 60 cm
  • Durable construction, stool legs will not wiggle loose.
  • Wide build makes it sturdy and tip resistant.
  • Made from formed beech wood and solid birch.
  • Coated with a clear, child-safe wood finish.
  • Stacking stool leg tips are sound-dampening, non-slip, non-marking.
  • Match the number under the seat to the table leg number for the most suitable working heights.
ITERS and ECERS books

ITERS - 2. Furniture for routine care and play 7.2, 7.4

ECERS - 2. Furniture for routine care, play and learning 7.1, 5.1, 5.2

Dimensions of 21 cm Stacking stool J123