Help yourself trolley

  • Arrives fully assembled with all the containers shown
  • Carries everything your young artists will need
  • Roll it easily between rooms and then lock it in place
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  • Includes 8 green cups, 7 cream quarter totes, 5 cream half totes, 3 clear shallow totes and 6 deep clear totes or baskets
  • Eight green cups hold brushes, sponges and other artist's tools
  • Dowel for ribbon, tape and twine has scissor storage inches away
  • Locking castors
  • Clear child-safe wood finish
  • ECERS - 2. Furniture for routine care, play and learning 7.1, 5.1, 5.2; 20. Art 7.1, 7.2, 5.1
  • ITERS - 2. Furniture for routine care and play 5.3, 5.4; 17. Art 7.1, 7.2
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F971 Five green cups
Replacements for cups that go walkabout
F981 Four cream half totes
Four half size totes to help with organisation. Two half size totes fit into one shallow tote.
F991 Four cream quarter totes
Four quarter size totes to help with organisation of materials. Four quarter size totes will fit into one shallow tote.
Choose trolley with baskets or clear totes
{"SitecoreItemID":"{BC05119D-DAAA-4FA7-9BF4-A72CDC273BA7}","SitecoreParentID":"{66E2059F-6375-46D7-BCD6-045C19898F97}","ProductCode":"H571","Description":"With clear totes","Title":"Help yourself trolley with clear totes","SelectorText":"","Price":"535.0000","ImageUrl":"/-/media/images/cpuk/product/product-family/art-equipment/h571.jpg?mh=120\u0026mw=120","ProductPageURL":"/products/creative-and-messy/art-supply-storage/h571","Currency":"£","Quantity":1,"HideProductListingOnSelect":false,"Features":[],"Accessories":[]}

With clear totes

£535 –H571
{"SitecoreItemID":"{D99E6112-2F08-41BA-B2AC-9569B0CF554E}","SitecoreParentID":"{66E2059F-6375-46D7-BCD6-045C19898F97}","ProductCode":"H572","Description":"With baskets","Title":"Help yourself trolley with baskets","SelectorText":"","Price":"535.0000","ImageUrl":"/-/media/images/cpuk/product/product-family/art-equipment/h572.jpg?mh=120\u0026mw=120","ProductPageURL":"/products/creative-and-messy/art-supply-storage/h572","Currency":"£","Quantity":1,"HideProductListingOnSelect":false,"Features":[],"Accessories":[{"PartNo":"G490","Title":"Six label holders","Description":"Six label holders","Price":"15.0000","ImageUrl":"/-/media/images/cpuk/product/product-family/totes-and-baskets/g490.jpg?mh=120\u0026mw=120","ProductPageURL":"/products/classroom-furniture/shelves/g490","ChooseAccessoriesText":"Choose optional accessories","Selected":false},{"PartNo":"","Title":"Clear accessory choices","Description":null,"Price":"","ImageUrl":"","ProductPageURL":null,"ChooseAccessoriesText":"Choose optional accessories","Selected":false}]}

With baskets

£535 –H572

exc VAT