Activity tray-table top

Item number: D418
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Ready for desk work? Securing the tabletop over your loose parts keeps everything neat and tidy. If not in use, the tabletop fits neatly into the Sand and water storage shelf.

Purchase this item if you already own an Activity tray or Activity floor tray and want to make use of the tabletop option, or as replacement.


Designed to be completely cleanable. We know about children and messes!

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  • Use as accessory for Activity floor tray or Activity tray.
  • Tabletop firmly clips onto frame with a latch.
  • Yellow clips snap into recesses when not in use.
  • The tabletop adds approximately 25mm to the height of your Activity floor tray or Acitvity tray.
  • When the tray is in use, the tabletop stores neatly in the A698 Sand and water storage shelf (not included).
  • All plastic parts are recyclable and child-safe.
Dimensions of D418 Activity tray-table tabletop